THE SPIRITUAL ADVENTURE: a gathering of saints

DAY 5                              FRIDAY, December 30th, 2022



Mary Burke-Kelly’s Acutonics practice specializes in the emotional and psycho-spiritual root causes of imbalances.  She also helps self-actualization using tuning forks to construct Dr, Mikio Sankey’s Esoteric Acupuncture sacred geometry patterns, with whom she studied.  Mary centers Acutonics sessions on Extraordinary Vessels used as time capsules to create major shifts for clients and incorporates that outlook in her classes. She approaches the “healing crisis” for clients as a bridge to their new path that Acutonics can facilitate with ease and grace. Which is exactly how she found her empty-nest career in Acutonics.

With an Aquarian outlook, Mary developed a holographic methodology to send distance Acutonics in her practice and teach her students during the 2020 pandemic.  These are techniques that combine her training in holographic sound healing with the Aquarian Age 5th dimensional Light Language, developed by Ana Noyce. It allows distance student practicums and client sessions with experiential results.  Mary developed techniques to address energetic chakra and etheric cord entanglements using Level IV Acutonics tools.  In going forward, Mary plans to offer both a hybrid practice and hybrid class schedule (online and in-person) as it has opened so many doors for others and removed geographical boundaries.

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